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  • "Dynamic teacher ... makes learning fun!"
  • "Inspired daughter ... humble leader."


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  • Sally is a FEMA trained first responder and offers support and referrals for counseling to victims of critical incidents

About Sally StJohn

Finding passion in purpose

Whether you’re trying to turn from a non-productive way of living, or your seeking a new career direction, or in need of greater work/life balance, Sally StJohn can help. Dr. Sally coaches and counsels individuals and corporations to quickly identify and remove their own barriers to success - from the foundation - encouraging re-connection to occur and results to stick.

No credit - No blame

Sally StJohn is an ordained minister and licensed counselor. Although she has over 30 years clinical experience in her field, and trains both new and seasoned professional counselors, you'll hear her say that she relies not on her own expertise or understanding to help people, but on a higher level of awareness to create change.

Why now ... why Sally?

Sally's specialty is working with  individuals with resistant behaviours, severe disabilitites, and/or multiple limitations and helping them live passionate and purposeful lives. Having a disability, addiction or resistant behavior is not a requirement. She enjoys watching people get faith renewed, especially those who may have wandered, or have lost hope.


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